Stuart Howard

Jaimie worked for me at Dollar Financial as my Chief of Staff.  I needed someone who was my right-hand person and quite frankly, there is no one better at this than Jaimie. Her commitment and work ethic is second to none and she would undertake any task with diligence and rigour for the greater good of the company. She would always assume responsibility for actions and this enabled me to focus on the key objectives of the board and shareholders.

The company required total transformation (operationally and culturally) and Jaimie was instrumental in playing her part and leading as an example to her senior leadership colleagues. Jaimie would run projects on my behalf and significantly delivered a project to outsource our Property function to an external provider with material cost savings as part of our agenda to focus on our core business model. Further, she is skilled at identifying areas of potential inefficiency within the business and then redesigning processes and procedures to improve workflows and save company resources.

Jaimie would produce monthly CEO Board Reports with little steer from me, which included information about significant news from within the business, operations metrics, market and competitor news and legal/regulatory changes. This required her to keep her fingers on the pulse in the online and retail Operations and the internal Business Operations and facilitated discussions with our independent directors.

Jaimie would also ensure that my calendar was managed effectively and my time was being spent on areas that required immediate attention or were deemed priority. She would ensure that I was fully briefed for meetings, both internal and external and would attend or deputise for me at these meetings whenever required. I had full confidence in her ability to do this.

Jaimie is someone that you can trust and depend upon completely to undertake any business support or administrative tasks required. She was invaluable to me and a significant contributory factor in the success of the business as a whole and driving the culture changes to professionalise the business ahead of FCA authorisation.

I look forward to working with Jaimie again in the future.