Michael Edwards

I had the pleasure of working with Jaimie when I became Chairman of Dollar as a Non-Executive Director.  I was new to both the company and the industry and Jaimie supported me by ensuring my integration and initiation at Dollar was both smooth and effective.

Jaimie provided me with reading materials about the industry, market and the company, in addition to information about the operations of the company and the challenges faced. She put together an induction agenda which included introductions and tours of all areas of the business to ensure I have the required knowledge of the business to be successful in my NXD role.

Jaimie attended Board meetings in her role as the CEO’s Chief of Staff and would offer information and insights on the business should any questions arise. It was clear that she was close to the business and was totally dedicated to making it successful.

Jaimie would also assist me with my travel planning for the Board and Committee meetings and would ensure that I had the necessary documentation in sufficient time to ensure that I had enough time to review prior to the meeting.

I would recommend Jaimie to anyone looking for business or personal support and I look forward to utilising her services in the future.